Best water filter pitcher in 2020

Water filter pitchers are independent, completely working water channels that produce clean drinking water. Water filter pitchers comes with a water holder equipped for holding various volumes, contingent upon the model.

An appropriate and fast way to improve the taste and general overall quality of your drinking water is to utilize as a water pitcher. it is very easy to use: simply pour tap of water into the pitcher and spot it in the fridge while the water goes through the channel and into the primary repository. A few pitchers take a few minutes to channel water, while others just take around 30 seconds.

So if you need to purchase a water filter pitcher, however, you don’t know which to pick? You’ve found to the correct spot. We’re certain that in the wake of reading out water channel review and the purchasing guide you’ll have the option to settle on the best choice on which one you need to get your hands on.

In the following article, we present the best water filter pitchers accessible available on the market in 2020.

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It is one of the best overall water filter pitcher with 5-STAGE TRIPLE CAPACITY FILTERS Each excellent quality filters produces 760 litres of new, it means 150 galoon of hygine and healthy water, without contaminant drinking water (enduring multiple times longer than any Brita, Invigorated Living, or Aqua Optima filtration container). Evacuate 99.99% of all faucet water contaminants. Replaceable filters are 100% without BPA, 100% endorsed food-grade materials, 100% recyclable, 100% vegetarian

It is independently tested by labs both in the United States and in different nations. The Epic Pure filter has been tried to evacuate over 200+ known water contaminants by outsider authorize labs against 4 distinctive NSF/ANSI water filtration norms for the expulsion of:

– Chlorine & Odors
– Fluoride
– Heavy Metals
– Organic chemicals like herbicides, pesticides and VOCs
– Trace Pharmaceuticals

If you are looking for overall best water filter pitcher that does it all, this is the one for you.

One of the best and budget-friendly small water filter pitchers in the lineup, it is a very good addition to your kitchen, the plastic design is crystal clear with narrow shaped body which can help you to place it anywhere easily. (H-9.8) (W-4.45) (Length/Depth 9.37) and (Weight 1.39) pounds, It produces 40 gallons of pure clean water, so you need to replace the filter after 2 months for best performance.

The filter reduces chlorine tastes, odor, copper, mercury etc. the best  budget friendly pitcher we’ve ever seen and the quality of the water is amazing. It’s reasonable the company has placed a great deal of innovation into its filter.

If you are looking for the budget friendly yet best water filter pitcher, then this is the best for you.

The Aquagear water pitcher filter upgraded chromium 6 filters BPA free advanced technology which is used to maintain the hygiene water filter process to get rid of 20x more contaminants against other companies however it keeps healthy minerals like calcium and magnesium in your water

Triple limit filters – High-limit filters produce 150 gallons of water each, enduring multiple times longer than the other rival for most extreme lifetime investment funds.

The company offering a lifetime guarantee and same-day customer support for you, so this is the best opportunity to grab it.

This Waterdrop chubby water filter pitcher has an Effective 7-stage filtration technology which is very helpful for reducing any contaminants from water. It can reduce countless particles, substantial metals, for example, lead and arsenic, just as fluoride, chlorine, awful taste and scent. it has multiple times more absorption capacity than different items in its group. The top-notch filter creates more than 200 gallons of water before you should be replaced. One Waterdrop Chubby water filter pitcher can replace over 1,600 standard 16-ounce water bottles.

With regards to solidness, it is made of high-grade BPA-free plastic, we believe this item to be a decent one, even though its base doesn’t have a silicone-ribbed base to forestall slipping.

It is available in 3 different colours- blue, clear, white. along with one extra filter in each varient, basically filters are sold seperately, so its a great deal for you.

The pur water filter pitches is an overall performer in our list it has Ultimate Water lead Reducing PUR’s 7-Cup Water Filter Pitcher  ensured to decrease 99% of Lead and 22 different contaminants, it is capable of providing 40 gallons of filtration water (2-3 months of typical use) that is clean, healthy, extraordinary tasting water with special maxion innovation. Maxion filter technology is PUR duty of giving unrivalled filtration and execution, by utilizing actuated carbon and particle trade to decrease the maximum number of contaminants than some other brand

The Seychelle water filter pitcher is popular for PH enhancing Filtration, it uses two filter cartridges to enhance the process of water filtration. 

The filters is capable of remove 99.99% of the contaminants, including yet not constrained to chlorine, chromium, arsenic, aluminium, copper, mercury, lead, fluoride, and zinc. The water created in the wake of evacuating these mixes will be clear and fresh, with a magnificent taste.

While the same types of alkaline water pitchers cost around  $1000, but Seychelles gives you the same result and superior benefits at low cost.

There is a bit drawback for using these filters. They are not effective at expelling salts from the water


This Hskyhan alkaline water filter pitcher is the best addition to your household, you will get the benefit of large capacity, it can hold up to the 10-cup pitcher, total filter content 3.5L, and 2.0L filtration. the company offers two high-quality filters for free so its a great value for money opportunity.

It has a benefit of 7-layer alkaline filtration, with pH value increased by 0.5 to 2 or more, which helps to reduce Fluoride, chlorine, lead, dirt, harmful metals and other water substances in the water. The company puts lots of technology in this alkaline water pitcher.

However the built quality is very good and durable, you can easily put inside the majority of fridge, The ergonomic handle is easy to assemble/disassemble, overall the best water filter pitcher.

The levoit Water filter pitcher has an advanced 5 layer filtration system to remove chlorine and heavy metal like lead, cadmium, mercury, aluminium and more, to improve the taste of tap water and healthy water for your family. the company offers 10 caps large water purifier with an electronic indicator at a very cheap price of $26 only. its a great value for money deals by levoit.

It has some amazing features you can adjust the filtration speed manually by Switching the restrictor cap to (+) or (-) to adjust the speed.

However it is made up of BPA free plastic for maintaining the food safety and health of peoples, overall the design is convenient and to keep out dust, the top cover configuration lets you effectively refill the pitcher and clean its internal chamber when required. The water gulf lets you fill the water effectively without opening the top.

The Wamery water filter pitcher has 6 cups capacity which means it doesn’t contain water like the 10-cup pitchers, however, slim design enhanced your difficulty of placing it anywhere. although it help you to boost your body with alkaline water, that is more benificial to your family.

The Wamery Alkaline Water Filter meets NSF ANSI 42 standards to remove up-to 90% of chlorine, odor and  other harmful metals in water. the company offers one more extra filter for free. so its a good addition to your kitchen

The AquaBliss is yet another 10 cups water filter pitcher in the list with long lasting advanced XL Water Purification Filter it lasts 2 more months in comparision to other water pitchers.

Another advantage of choosing aquabliss is that their filters are easy to change and rapid filtering technology sift out all of the dirt, grime and other metallic smells from your water. the manual book helps you to handle the water pitcher easily.

So, buying aquabliss is a great value for money deal as well as the company provides full MONEY BACK GUARANTEE & 1 YEAR WARRANTY.

The Brita is one of the best brands in water filter pitcher segment, it launches best yet budget-friendly product in the market, so we’ve listed another advanced filtration water pitcher called Brita every day, the water pitcher eliminates odour, copper, mercury, and cadmium impurities found in tap water

For ideal performance, a supportive filter indicator notifies you when you need to replace the filter, it’ll help you to reduce waste – One Brita water filter can replace 300 standards 16.9-ounce water bottles. it is really a good addition to your kitchen to keep your family healthy.

12. Nakii Water Filter Pitcher

Nakii Water Filter Pitcher/26bestdeals

Nakii water filter pitcher has a durable filter that can filter up to 150 gallons of water that is 4 times more than other in this group. It is a compact and advanced design filter with high-quality ABS plastic material, This plastic is FDA approved and BPA free that handle tap water contaminants easily.

The Nakii filter is the first in the USA to utilize the most up to date advancement for water filtration, using Activated Carbon Fiber (ACF), ACF has the enormous adsorptive limit and highlights 98% of Chlorine, Mercury evacuation to improve drastically the healthiness, Taste and smell in your water, the most elevated rate in the market. It will reduce, lead, rust, sediments and suspended particles, remove unpleasant colour and limescale

# Buying guide

Why you need to buy ?

For the vast majority of us, in-house water filtration and assimilation system may appear to be excessively costly of an alternative. Likewise, they can’t be carried around or utilized in workplaces. A water filter pitcher can be utilized rather as an increasingly handy arrangement. the safety of tap water is the most important thing nowadays. It can be particularly unsafe for our children. This is the reason for using resources like water filter purifier. The best thing about these purifiers that they arrive in different shapes and sizes. They can be kept in the refrigerators or carried around too. They are advantageous and improve the flavour of the water alongside expelling the impurities and disinfection.

How to buy the right one ?

Before buying you need to know about which one is the right one to go with, take a look at how these purifiers work. They come in different shapes and sizes however any standard model will have a lid, a filter, and a container. What amount of limit would they be able to hold and how much they clean your water contaminants? Their cost is controlled by the number of highlights they bring to the table. This doesn’t suggest that the costly water filter pitcher is the better quality it will give. You should realize that all these water filter purifiers expel impurities from tap water to furnish you with cleaner water.

# A few things remember

Fit for expelling Contaminants

Carbon filters are exceptionally successful at expelling contaminants from your drinking water, yet they are not fit for evacuating all the contaminants in water. so now In case, before exploring the market, find out which of the polluting contaminants your tap water contains, then you can purchase the best item as per your necessities.

However you should check that the filter is NSF/ANSI certified it’ll help you to realize that the water filter pitcher is fit for evacuating different unsafe contaminants. So, at any rate, ensure that your chose pitcher is NSF/ANSI 42 and 53 affirmed. Yet, on the off chance that your water has hazardous contaminants, at that point you should go for the further developed filtration system.

Filter life

Before buying you should know about the filter’s life because Every pitcher filter comes as an alternate life expectancy. A few pitchers have filters that can be produced up to 80 – 150 gallons of water or work as long as a half year, though a few water pitchers stay viable as long as 2 months or channel 40 to 80 gallons of water.

Design and Size

the design and size of water filter pitchers are fundamental. Try to pick a thing with an ergonomic handle to forestall water spills. Additionally, take a gander at the lip of the pitcher – a few models have a lid to cover it. The top itself is an extraordinary thing to keep the separated water inside the pitcher clean.

The water pitchers come in various sizes, so before choosing one, ensure that its size is as indicated by your requirements.


It is also important factor before buying the right water filter pitcher, The guarantee is basic – a few units accompany a lifetime ensure, others with less. In any case, other than that, your decision must be ensured.

# Types of Filters

Carbon water filters

Activated carbon filters use a natural procedure called adsorption which follows particles and broke up solids to the filter. The activated charcoal in this carbon filter has a supple surface. As per this article, activated carbon is known for expelling inorganic and inorganic contaminants from water. At the point when water is poured in the filter, the particles of the contaminants will be consumed by the carbon, giving you access to cleaner water right away. Notwithstanding, the issue with these water filters is that they require to visit changes as the carbon attracts excessive particles.

Cartridge Water Filters

In case you’re searching for a water filter pitcher, you likely saw that some of them use cartridge filters. What is cartridge filter?

The cartridge filter is a more advanced and effective filters used by some of the companies, The filter contaminants in the water without influencing the quality inside and out. It goes the water through seven unique stages. These stages improve the taste as well as upgrade the nourishing substance also giving you something beyond clean drinking water. These channels utilize numerous layers of sifting materials. These numerous layers can catch an enormous assortment of contaminants.

Despite the fact that the cartridge filters also use activated carbon filter, they additionally utilize different innovations to give better-tasting water.

# Conclusion

The pitchers we introduced won’t just improve your drinking water’s taste and smell, however, they will likewise improve your overall health. Access to clean water is one of the fundamental human necessities, and these water filters produce top-notch water at a modest cost.We’re sure that in the wake of perusing our water filter pitcher review and the best purchasing guide, you can easily figure out which is the best water filter pitcher for your family.

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